Why We Love Real Estate

It is a question most of us real estate agents get asked a lot. Why do we love real estate so much? The truth is, that there are so many reasons why we love it so much, we can’t pin it down to just one answer. It is not just a job for many of us, but it is a way to bring our knowledge about real estate and share it with others. We like to call it, “sharing the love.”
We thought that this fun post would help to shed some light on why we love real estate so much and let you in on us as agents.

The people that we meet

A large part of being a realtor is dealing with clients from every walk of life. It is so enriching for realtors to get to know many people and learn from their stories. Though most sales-based work is dedicated to speaking with the customer, real estate truly is one of the only ones where you get to know people and their stories. After all, they are trusting the realtor to find them their dream house. So, cultivating relationships with people is one of the best things about being a realtor.

Helping people goes a long way

This is something that would probably be on every list of this kind. It’s the truth of the matter. We all love to help people and that makes this part of the job incredible. To see the smile on someone’s face when they get their keys for the first time makes all that work worth it at the end of the day.

Finding new homes for clients

That can be stressful, of course, but actually finding a home that a client just might love is exciting. Especially when it fits their specifications. And there are bonus points for doing research before looking for a home.

We do not lose out on family time 

We create our own schedules and work on our own pacing. It is an incredible feeling to be there when you need to be for those whom you love most, like family and friends.

Real estate impacts the world around us

Real estate really is a huge market and its impact on society as a whole is incredibly crucial. It is a line of work that is such an honor to be a part of in so many ways. From market shares to social and political climates, being a part of the real estate industry and knowing exactly what it is all about is the reason why real estate is so incredible.

Relationships with clients

There is no joke that it’s an incredible feeling to have made new friends in clients. After all, realtors are holding their futures in their hands. If you mess up, the customer will know it, but if you do very well in maintaining a good, solid relationship with your client you actually might be at one of their kid’s birthday parties or baby showers. It’s the kind of industry where trusting in a realtor can go a long way in the grand scheme of things.

Independent realtors don’t have to worry about getting fired

That is one of the best things about being an independent realtor. You don’t so hot one month? It’s okay! There is always next month and the month after that. You’ll always have an opportunity to grow and expand your business as an independent realtor.

That awesome high from being a realtor

It is incredible! The highs of the business are the best part. That feeling you get of being an independent realtor and just soaking all of it in is the most beautiful feeling in the world. While it’s true that the lows of the business can be brutal and extremely frustrating, the highs are worth it.

Being your own boss

With being an independent realtor, you set the schedule, you set the pace, but you are your own boss and you don’t get caught up in having a supervisor to deal with. You’re on your own, and while it can be difficult to start up your business, once it gets going and becomes thriving, there is no holding you back. It is one of the reasons why so many people love to be in real estate so much. Being your own boss is a great part of the real estate industry.

We love houses

It’s true. You have to love houses if you want to do any kind of real estate work. Houses are incredible and have so many stories to tell. If you love houses, then you’ll be more in tune with the market because you’re constantly researching—and you find it fun! There’s a great feeling in finding that perfect house for your client, even if the journey getting there was full of stress. At the end of the day, you still love houses and you still love your work.

We are never bored

There’s always something new to do every day. The market is cyclical, so that means that there will be highs and lows, but the market is never dry in the sense that there is never a lack of houses in any real estate market. That means that we work on our toes just a little bit more to find perfect houses for our clients. There is no “fairy-godmother” in finding the perfect house. We are the ones that make it happen for the client.

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